An arial view of an ARC Racecourse
An arial view of an ARC Racecourse
Total Location Hire

For when "just a room" won't cut it

Large Scale Venue Hire

Sometimes just a space doesn't cut it. Sometimes you need more. 
YourVenue+ offers those who need a large scale event venue the space and facilities to work with, along with the experience and expertise of our teams who regularly run large events for thousands of visitors, to aid in your organisation.
An exterior view of our racecourse building.

Our venues have the capacity and facilities to cater for events such as festivals and corporate retreats. While also offering the scenery, accommodation and convenience to act as film locations, or even as an exclusive private playground should you wish.

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Multi-Venue Enquiries

For enquiries across multiple venues please click the button below to email us details of your requirements.

General Enquiries

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