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With exclusive facilities and benefits for owners and trainers. 

Owners & Trainers

Arena Racing Company is committed to providing Owners & Trainers an enjoyable experience across our 16 racecourses.  Whether a sole owner, syndicate or shared ownership we aim to make every owner's visit a happy and memorable experience.  

Complimentary ARC owners bags

Badge Allocations

We offer all owners with runners the choice of 8 Owners & Trainers badges with complimentary lunch or a minimum 20 Syndicate Badges with access to our exclusive Syndicate Lounges.  For more details please visit our racecourse websites.

Owners are encouraged to register their ticket booking through PASS no later than 21:00 the day before racing; this helps us ensure adequate facilities and arrangements are in place on the day.  If you need any further assistance with PASS, you can contact their helpdesk on 01933 270333.

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Owners & Trainers buffet


All of our racecourses offer private facilities for Owners & Trainers, as well as dedicated Syndicate Lounges.

Complimentary buffet lunch, or dinner for evening racing, is served in Owners & Trainers restaurants and Syndicate Lounges offer complimentary Tea, Coffee & Biscuits with pay bar and light food offerings.

Please visit the website of a specific racecourse to find out more.

Horse & Jockey Welfare

Nothing matters more to us when racing than the safety and welfare of horse and rider.  Central to that is the track itself and our groundstaff do everything in their power to provide an optimum racing surface.   

On duty on racedays we have a dedicated and experienced team of highly-qualified Vets, Doctors and Paramedics following the action at every stage.  Their key responsibility is to monitor and provide care to the competitors throughout their time at the racecourse. 

The locations and vehicle movements of these skilled specialists during racing are designed to provide a rapid response to any incident across the site. We also have a high-specification horse ambulance in attendance at every fixture to enable safe transport of a horse from the track to our on-site veterinary treatment facility for further treatment, or to the nearest equine referral hospital if required.

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Horse & Jockey Welfare

It is our standard practice to erect screens around any horse or jockey requiring attention on the course as this provides privacy and a safe, calm environment in which to accurately diagnose and treat the patient as necessary.  Please do not assume the worst if screens are erected.  

We are fully committed to minimising risk in our sport, to dealing professionally and efficiently with any injury, and to maintaining the highest possible quality of care for the horses and jockeys racing here today. 

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O&T Liaisons

The passionate Racecourse Executive team across ARC are complimented by our dedicated O&T Liaisons, on hand to support and assist Owners & Trainers with any arrangements including badge and travel.  Please do contact them if you have queries or they can assist in relation to anything regarding your visit or runner at Arena Racing Company.

Rebecca Davies, Head of Racing Industry Partners -

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If you have any further queries about the facilities at our courses, please contact the course directly.

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