Crowds of people at the races, putting bets on the horses.
Crowds of people at the races, putting bets on the horses.
Full Of Fear And No Idea?

Our betting guides will give you the knowledge of a pro.

Beginners Guide to Betting

Two gentlemen reading through racing tips.

Having A Flutter 

For a lot of people attending the races, placing a bet is part of the thrill of the day. However, it can be incredibly intimidating on the surface, with some beginners not knowing where to start. We have pooled together a whole host of information to help you get to grips with betting before the big day.

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A man at the races cheering among the crowds.

Betting Responsibly

Remember there is no rule to say you have to bet at the races, and it is completely your choice. If you do decide to place bets during the day, set a budget and stick to it. You could even try storing your budget in one pocket, and your winnings in another. Betting should be a fun part of a special day out, and if the fun stops, stop.

Downloadable Guide

To learn how to pick a winner, why not download our full beginners guide?


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