How To Read The Race Programme

Video Transcript 

One of the most important things you're going to need when you come racing, is a race day programme because after all, you need to know who the runners and riders are.

You'll have your horses name, you'll have the horse age and you'll have the weight the horse will be carrying on that evening. Along with the draw. Underneath the draw, you will have the jockey's name who will be riding the horse. Underneath the jockey, you will find the trainer and where the trainer is located. The importance of the location might mean that the trainer has travelled a long way to the races.

One of the most important things you're gonna need to know once you've chosen which horse, is what are the colours of the jockeys' silks? Silks of your jockey will help you identify your horse around the paddock and during the race.

All programmes will have some race stats, with some really interesting information. Along with a race summary. This race summary would have been written by a professional.

Remember this isn't a timetable. This is your tool to finding winners.


This video was bought to you by our partner and horse racing expert, Matt Mitter from Value Rater Racing Club.

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