How To Bet With Bookmaker

Video Transcript

You've probably come racing before and you've seen all these boards behind me with all the flashing lights and lots of people.

But what does it mean. It really is not complicated to have a bet with on course bookmaker. Because basically they do the work for you.
So all you need to do is you need to approach whichever bookmaker you decided to use and you will just say the number of the horse that you want to back. 

The bookmaker then will give you a ticket which will tell you the horses name, what odds you've got and it will even tell you what your returns will be if it wins.

Ok, let go and have a bet.
- Can I have 5 pounds on number two please?

Unlike the tote, betting with traditional bookmaker on course you know what your return is going to be because it is fixed odds there's nothing better than beating the bookie at the races. 

Valuators top tip for having a bet with the on course bookie is to shop around. You'll see lots of bookmakers on course, take your time, see who's offering the best odds. 

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