Beginners Guide to Racing

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Betting can be intimidating at the best of times, but especially within a sporting culture that is renowned for spectators ‘having a flutter’ since the sport began. We’re going to talk you through some of the basics, and have a free PDF download on everything you need to enjoy a bet on a race day.

What kinds of bets are there?

Mostly bets fall into two categories - Win or Each Way. Win is the simplest, pick a horse to come first! Each way acts as two bets, one as a win bet, and one as a place bet, so it costs twice as much as a normal bet. You make your money if your horse wins or places.

Two racegoers hold on to their betting slips,
A crowd gathers around the trackside bookmakers.

How do odds work?

The odds show the probability of which horse will win. There is plenty that can affect the performance of a horse and therefore the outcome of the race - from the state of the ground (the going), the skill of the jockey, the distance of the race.

Betting Responsibly

At ARC we encourage everyone to have fun but bet responsibly. A top tip is to decide on your cash pot for the day, and have two places on your person to stash it away. Keep one place for your spending, and one place for your winnings!

Three gentlemen enjoying a trackside beverage.

To learn how to pick a winner, why not download our full beginners guide?


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