ARC Introduce Condition Of Entry For Open Races


12 May 2021

In view of recent events, Arena Racing Company (“ARC”) will introduce, as a condition of entry to open races at their stadia that, if a greyhound has not raced at that track before, it must have had a trial at the track in question prior to the date of the open race closing. A trial may also be required where a previous race or trial at the track in question was a considerable period of time ago. 

Where a greyhound is entered with a seeding which does not reasonably reflect the comments allocated by the racing office, it will not be accepted without a further trial.  This gives the racing office the opportunity to form an opinion first-hand on the seeding of the greyhound at their track.  

This will be put in place across ARC’s four greyhound stadia for entries closing on 13 May 2021 onwards.  

ARC Greyhound Operations Director, Rachel Corden said, “We all need to do what we can to minimize the risk of injuries. Any greyhound wanting to join a track’s graded racing strength has to trial on, under GBGB Rules of Racing, with at least two trials to the satisfaction of the racing managers. There is no such rule for open race entries. 

“All tracks are unique, and in the interest of fairness to all greyhounds we don’t believe that any greyhound should be expected to perform in a race at a track unless it has had a trial at that track.  

“The open race schedule is set out for the rest of the year so everyone knows when and where the open races are taking place, therefore trainers can plan ahead and request trials in a timely manner where required. 

“We agree that the current seeding system needs reviewing and are pleased that the Greyhound Board have announced today that they will be conducting a seeding review. All stakeholders need to work together to achieve the best solution with welfare firmly being put at the forefront”. 

Arena Racing Company

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