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Aug 10 2016

The Racing Partnership has licensed Racecourse Data Technologies (“RDT”) to provide services to on course bookmakers from its 22 racecourses.

The new agreement formalises RDT’s role as an on course technology service provider and gives it access to The Racing Partnership racecourses to provide those services until the end of 2019. RDT will play an integral role in collating and distributing race day data, as well as supporting the majority of on course bookmakers. This agreement helps ensure that The Racing Partnership can deliver fast and reliable data, including SPs to support its media rights agreements with retail and online bookmakers.

Under the terms of the agreement only the official distributor of race day data will be able to access the system used by RDT. The Press Association (“PA”) will be The Racing Partnership’s official data partner following the expiry of the current agreements with Satellite Information Services (“SIS”) over the next 6 to 18 months.

This agreement comes about at a time when significant development work is being undertaken by the British Horseracing Authority (“BHA”) and the PA for the collection and distribution of race day data. The PA is developing a new infrastructure designed to improve the quality of the race day data in real-time. The new technology will work alongside the existing RDT software, streamlining the data flows for improved speed and accuracy, and resulting in betting data being transmitted off course faster than ever before.

ARC’s Director of Media Technology and Production and Director of The Racing Partnership, Mark Kingston, said: “We are very pleased to have agreed this deal with RDT to provide services across The Racing Partnership racecourses. It’s an important step forward in ensuring efficient collection and distribution of data.”

RDT’s Chairman, Maurice Lindsay, said: “We are delighted to have concluded this agreement which allows RDT to continue to service the on-track bookmakers on The Racing Partnership’s 22 tracks and we look forward to an exciting period of further development in the area of racecourse data.”