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Bath Racecourse commences weighing room and jockey’s changing room refurbishment

Feb 03 2014

Bath Racecourse, part of the Arena Racing Company (“ARC”), has recently commenced the remedial and refurbishment works to the weighing room and jockeys changing facilities that were the subject of flooding at the end of last season.

Following the incident the Executive conducted extensive investigations into the cause of the flood. Bath is well known as the highest racecourse in Britain and as such is not connected to the main drain network.

The work includes a scheme that will address the drainage and take all waste water from the Weighing Room into a septic tank. The advice provided whilst investigating the issues experienced last October assures the Executive that this remedial work will be effective in removing the water that comes from these facilities as well as any rainfall that increases that volume during periods of wet weather.

Once these works are completed the weighing room and changing facilities will be refurbished prior to the start of the season.

Phil Bell, Executive Director for the South West said “At the time we compensated owners and jockeys for the inconvenience that was caused. Once we have completed the work, which will be prior to the start of the season on Saturday 19th April, we will invite the jockeys and BHA officials, that were particularly affected, to view the improvements in advance of the new season.”